valentine tips

Hey guys so valentine is around the corner, is already here for me as am feeling the love all around me hope everyone else is feeling it as I am right now.

I don’t know about where you are right now but here? been so windy with constant rain here in north lincolnshire  but that is not going to ruin my plan of putting something together to help with some valentine tips for my lady’s.

dress-AX paris

shoe-christian louboutin


jenifer thomas




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jean on casual

I must confess am not a jean girl totally hate it even in winter i will still wear my skirt! yes SKIRT in winter, I just prefer my skirts as I feel more comfortable with them on but. I have wore jeans in the past don’t get it twisted  but they just never seems to sit well on my little gifted ass lol.

I recently discovered those amazing jeans that any one could possibly wear no matter the shape it just holds you like glue, high street jeans might work for most if not everyone but not for my shape. still cant believe am wearing jeans loving it though.



shoe-christian louboutin


jean on casual


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piece of black and white

Hey guys am back again with a gorgeous dress for you, am defiantly not afraid of colours as I love to play around with them but I draw the line when it come to black and white together with my past experience of always getting messed up together in the washing machine, but I couldn’t help it when I saw this white and black I just had to have it.


shoe: christian louboutin

piece of black and white


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Hey guys welcome back, I just wanted to point out and give you some info about the outfit I wore to Newcastle with Matthew[husband]. white is not just one of my favourite colours but it is MY favourite colour as well as my lucky colour yess…with this classy and elegant look you can wear to any occasion and feel comfortable all day even if is winter or summer just take off the jacket and your staring summer right in the face.



top-new look

shoe-christian louboutin



jenifer thomas


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Hey guys I couldn’t just wait to share my recent hand-pick that am really crushing on still. so last week Matthew[husband] decided to suprise me with some cloth shopping without telling me OMG I didn’t like the sound of that at all as he always end up buying the wrong thing or I will totally hate it but to my greatest surprise I so love the 4 dresses,1 top and fit just right, first time in history bless him.

So I pair the lovely gray top he got with a black shirt and my black trendy boat pick by me, the rest of his selection loading up soon.

top- new look

skirt- river island

shoe- fashionova


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gusto restaurant newcastle: lobster for me please

Hey guys am back! so I & Matthew took a road trip of almost 3 hours today to Newcastle for some house viewing and no we are not changing location. I love Newcastle i mean they is just so much to do and see not to talk of the varieties of bars and restaurant to explore so we decided to get a flat up there as a get away cave.

finally after 4 view of countless up and down the stairs with my heels on we found a 1 bedroom we both love and decided to go for it without wasting any time, done by 5 pm and starving we head straight to gusto where they serve the best lobster I ever tasted  while Matthew settle for steak fillet that according to him ”not the best fillet I ever had” but still emptied the plate at the end lol.

we head straight home of another 3 hours drive.

jenifer & matthew






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some tapas for me please

So Mathew and I meet in birmingham where I use to live but now live in a small town in north lincolnshire where his originally from after we got married, you can imaging a fashion lover like me moving away to a small town where they is little to do or see. hated it at first sight but hey for the sake of love I will go anywhere with him awwwww how sweet lol. one of my favourite time is getting dress up and going for some tapas, don’t you just love the idea of having every little bit of food you fancy in a restaurant? well am not much of a eater as you can see lol but I sure love me some good food.



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